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We offer a wide range of residential locksmith services across central Sydney that take care of any problem you might have with the locks and keys of your home. We have vast experience in installing, maintaining as well as repairing all types of residential locking systems. Our Sydney central locksmiths provide top quality services to residential and commercial locksmith clients and can install locks in any type of residence

Locksolid Locksmiths are complete professionals when it comes to strata locksmith and commercial locksmith services. Our team of specialised locksmiths have worked hard to earn our reputation of providing a quality, timely and efficient service to commercial businesses, tenants, property managers, owners and landlords.

Emergencies can happen at any time and on any day. We provide 24/7 emergency locksmith services in the central Sydney area, so you don’t have to wait for hours until help arrives. We can help with any situation that requires urgent assistance so just call us at any time if there’s an emergency.


Lockouts from $90

At Locksolid Locksmiths we pride ourselves on a swift response and will travel to you as quickly as possible. We aim to get to you within 20 minutes in the Sydney metro area. Our locksmiths in Sydney are highly experienced in gain-entry situations and can generally get you back inside in no time at all.

If the lock is broken or damaged, we can quote to replace your lock, and have it keyed up to your original key.


Re-keying ensures that no one else, such as previous tenants, will have a copy of your key. It is an affordable way to change your keys to a one key entry system. We don't replace working locks. We re-key them to match one key meaning you save on parts - a considerable saving! Having one key to multiple entrances, such as your front, back and garage doors is so much easier than carrying around a bunch of keys. 

If you lose or break a key, it's easy to replace that one instead of having to replace them all.


Protect your Home and Family. Your family’s security and wellbeing are of paramount importance. When it comes to protecting your family and your home, we are the Lock Solid choice.

Our fully-qualified Sydney Central locksmiths can address all your home security needs – from cutting keys to installing fully-integrated lock and alarm systems. If you are building or renovating, we stock a complete range of secure and attractive door and window furnishings to match any décor – all  backed by our expert locksmith advice and installation.


Garage security is arguably just as important as home security. Many people store valuable items in their garage, while often a garage can be used to gain access to the home. To prevent theft and break ins it’s a good idea to get a professional locksmith to check your existing garage locks.

Locksolid Locksmiths in Sydney can help you with installing garage door locks and locking mechanisms. We can also supply or recode a wide range of handheld garage door remote locking keys.


Use our key cutting service to either create a new key or make a duplicate copy of an existing key.  At Locksolid Locksmiths we have a Mobile 24/7 Locksmith who can be at your premises within 20 minutes to help cut your key of choice.

We are fully equipped to cut any type of key from a standard household key to high security keys. We also offer an affordable security solution by changing the combination of your existing locks and providing you with new keys. At Lock Solid we have exceptionally high standards, with the expectation that all our keys will always to fit perfectly into their locks.

Lost your keys?  Don’t panic, we can even cut lost keys by pairing them to the locks and we can even save keys that have been broken in locks!


Although we can supply new state of the art high security locking systems for businesses and residential properties, sometimes lock servicing is all that is required. Regular lock maintenance is essential for maintaining the integrity of any lock system. Even if your existing locking system was not installed by us, we can still do an inspection.


Every homeowner has valuables that they want to safeguard, whether it’s cash, jewellery or sensitive data. A sturdy, well-built safe can be vital to their protection, thwarting even the most seasoned burglars and other thieves.

Call now for a free quote.


There is strong evidence that CCTV aids in the detection and conviction of offenders, it is also well known that the Police routinely seek CCTV recordings after crimes. As well as this, CCTV has played a crucial role in tracing the movements of suspects or victims and is widely regarded by Police as a fundamental tool in identifying suspects. Lock Solid can provide a cost effective, quality CCTV solution to meet your budget requirements.


Either intentionally, accidentally or even just through years of wear and tear, door locks can cease performing their primary function – keeping your family safe.

If your lock is no longer operating in a reliable manner, your security is compromised and it’s time to call Locksolid Locksmiths. We will aim to secure your property as quickly as possible and are available at any time to give you peace of mind , knowing that your broken door locks can be repaired or replaced quickly.


There are many reasons to change your locks, and sometimes you may need it done fast. Our Mobile locksmith vans are stocked with everything we need to fix your locks, or to get you back inside your property quickly and efficiently.
Our mobile locksmith vans are filled with the latest in security locks to make your home safe and secure. We can come to you, assess your needs and re-key your locks or change your locks depending on your needs.


Keyless door lock technology is now available to homeowners and small business owners at realistic prices. New technology has allowed for keyless door locks to be touch-pad controlled electronic locks of superior quality, reliability, elegance and ease-of-use.

The most widely known lock manufacturers in Australia all have keyless door lock systems available for purchase or installation. Call Locksolid Locksmiths today and our Sydney Central locksmiths can quote for the installation of a keyless door lock or locks that will meet all your requirements.


Door Closers are vital if you want to ensure that your door closes every time!  There are many cases of robbery in which a door was simply left ajar and the thief walked in.  These cases, plus many more, could have all been prevented by simply investing in a door closer. It also isn’t necessary to remove the current door to install a door closer. Door closers can easily be fitted to meet the needs of your door type.

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